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AAA-ICDR Foundation Supports D.U.C.K.S. and Prison of Peace – Greece project
Prison of Peace Greece meets the need to reduce violence and promote peaceful conflict resolution within Greek prisons, through a series of intensive experiential trainings. Prison inmates and personnel are given the opportunity to develop useful techniques to handle conflict productively – deflecting the potential for escalation and violence.
January 2019

Welcome to the first episode of a new podcast, Thanks for Listening from the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation.  This podcast will spotlight efforts to bridge the political divide in the U.S. through dialogue and collaborative processes, profiling the important and often courageous work of individuals and organizations who are helping citizens engage with one another on challenging topics.  In this first episode, they look at politics around the Thanksgiving table—the start of a long month of family gatherings and meals to celebrate the holidays.
November 2018

Read about the many innovative projects that the Foundation has funded that are either led by or created to benefit women - in this article published in ABA Just Resolutions Newsletter Women In Dispute Resolution Edition written by Rebecca Storrow, AAA Vice President and Member of the AAA-ICDR Grants Committee.
Innovative Women in ADR: AAA-ICDR Foundation Funded Programs Led by and for Women
November 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation supported program Prison of Peace issues its 2018 Annual Report.  See all the wonderful work here.
October 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation Supports the COREJ Hackathon
An app is unlikely to solve complex trust issues in community policing, and hackathons have their own challenges simply in turning good ideas into workable prototypes. Getting a finished tech product in the hands of wary citizens would be a tall order. But the Aug. 4 daylong JusticeHack during the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago pointed at a winning approach to this dilemma. 

ABA JusticeHack 2018 (Chicago) Video
October 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation funding enabled Divided Community Project's Community Resiliency Initiative to develop five case studies which describe local dispute planning initiatives that address controversies and confrontations that divide communities.
September 2018

Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination 2018 Three Year Progress Report
August 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Issues Nineteen Grants for Third Funding Cycle & Now Accepting Initial Descriptions of Grant Request for Fourth Funding Cycle: ADR for Communities and Vulnerable or Underserved Populations
May 18, 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Now Accepting Initial Descriptions of Grant Proposals for Fall 2017 Funding Cycle and Special Initiative
September 7, 2017

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Issues Twelve Grants for Second Funding Cycle and Now Accepting Initial Descriptions of Grant Proposals for Third Funding Cycle
June 1, 2017

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Now Accepting Initial Descriptions of Grant Proposals for Second Funding Cycle
May 18, 2016

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Issues Seven Grants for Inaugural Funding Cycle
May 9, 2016

Newly Established AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Now Accepting Grant Proposals
October 29, 2015


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