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Community ADR

The Mediation Center in Tennessee
The Mediation Center offers an affordable opportunity for any individual or family struggling with conflict, either in or outside of court, whether they have an attorney, or are unrepresented, to meet and work with a professionally trained neutral to resolve their conflict, without enduring further time, expense and financial and emotional stress of proceeding forward in the court system. The AAA-ICDR Foundation funding enabled The Mediation Center in Tennessee to create this video highlighting the use and importance of community mediation.

Conflict Dialogue

Conflict Compass Program for Family Mental Health Conflicts
The Conflict Compass Program teaches conflict resolution skills to help people navigate family conflicts related to mental health situations. It emphasizes key conflict resolution values of choice, impartiality, and empowerment. The program is a project of the CUNY Dispute Resolution Center and MH Mediate, made possible with funding from the
AAA-ICDR Foundation.

Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program
Welcome to the first episode of a new podcast titled Thanks for Listening, from the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation. This podcast will spotlight efforts to bridge the political divide in the U.S. through dialogue and collaborative processes, profiling the important and often courageous work of individuals and organizations who are helping citizens engage with one another on challenging topics. This first episode looks at politics around the Thanksgiving table—the start of a long month of family gatherings and meals to celebrate the holidays.

The Ohio State University Foundation
AAA-ICDR Foundation funding enabled Divided Community Project's Community Resiliency Initiative to develop five case studies that describe local dispute-planning initiatives that address controversies and confrontations that divide communities.

Diversity in ADR

ArbitralWomen Diversity ToolkitTM
The ArbitralWomen Diversity Toolkit offers a unique training programme designed to help men and women see the role played by biases and explore ways to address and overcome bias.


Association for Conflict Resolution Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination
The ACR Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination (“Eldercaring Coordination Initiative”) commemorates the work of the Task Forces on Eldercaring Coordination with this three-year report of the progress made since the Eldercaring Coordination Guidelines were approved and adopted in 2015. The purpose of this document is to remind the organizations who joined together to develop eldercaring coordination of their initial contribution and chart the substantive developments since the Eldercaring Coordination Initiative began. See also the Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination
AAA-ICDR Foundation 2018 Highlights Report


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